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A Reflection of My Day in the OR
Technical College of the Lowcountry
NUR 265

A Reflection of My Day in the OR
My morning began very early since I had quite a long drive from Walterboro to Beaufort, which gave me plenty of time to build up my anxiety and nervousness. Upon arrival at BMH, I entered the facility ridden by anxiety as I signed the student log in sheet. I remember my heart feeling like it was going to beat out of my chest. I grabbed a seat in the waiting room next to a gentleman, who I later found out was a volunteer chaplain at the hospital. We began conversing about school, and what I was studying. The conversation helped calmed my nerves up …show more content…

Within a few minutes, everyone quit what they were doing to perform the very important ?time-out? session.
In 2004 due to the increase of wrong patient, wrong site, and wrong procedure errors (WSPEs) within the OR and outside of the OR, the Joint Commission implemented a safety protocol that required medical staff to verify the right patient, right site, and right procedure before any invasive actions have occurred. An estimation varying from 1 in every 5,000 to 1 in every 113,000 surgical cases, a medical error occurs. This varying estimation is due to the fact that many medical errors that do occur, never get reported. Due to the significance of WSPEs, in February of 2009 the Centers for Medicare announced that all WSPEs will not be reimbursed. This is another reason for the importance of having ?time-outs? (PSNet, & U.S. Department of Human Services, ?Wrong-Site, Wrong-Procedure, and Wrong-Patient Surgery?). I personally believe that this is one of the best protocols ever to be initiated. There is no reason to not take time out before any invasive action has occurred to ensure the most important thing is taken care of and that is the patients? safety. The timeout was initiated in order for team members of the procedure to rule out any concerns before the procedure has started. During the timeout, confirmation of the right patient, right side and site, the correct patient position and availability of all needed

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