10-Fold Dilution Series Process: Necessary To Equilibrium

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A 10-Fold Dilution Series process was necessary to examine the bacteria further. The materials needed included: one Bunsen burner, one inoculation loop, one BIC ® Multi-Purpose lighter, three sterile LB Agar Petri dishes, one bottle of sterile saline solution, one pipette gun, one canister full of sterile glass pipettes, a medium sized test tube track, and one plastic tub of medium glass test tubes. Next, one participant’s 10-Fold Dilution series was performed and three lines of ten medium test tubes were placed in the medium test tube rack. 9 ml of saline were put into each test tube. The gas for the Bunsen burner was switched on and lit it using the lighter. The inoculation loop was sterilized with the flame for a few seconds and then removed

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