3 Different Types of Sports Fans

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3 Different Types of Sport Fans Everybody enjoys going to a sporting event. Whether the sporting event is Football, Baseball, Basketball, or even Hockey. Sporting events bring excitement to all of us, thinking that our team will win. If our team wins, we usually go home happy. Then if our team goes home losing, we get upset or sad inside. Anyways, we will always cheer for our team no matter what especially at the game. There are always those fans though that bugs people to death. Anytime at a sporting event, we see arguing, biased, and drinking fans. The first type of fan that I am going to talk about is the arguing fans. These are the fans that talk shit about the littlest things. They don’t care at all if they will make a fool …show more content…

An example of what a drinking fan may do during a game is that the drinking fan will dance if their team scores or scream on top of their lungs. Now if the team loses and/or doesn’t score, the drinking fan will get upset to the max. This is when regular fans don’t even pay attention to the drinking fans thinking something harmful may happen which in some cases the drinking fan will cause a threat to the

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