39 Pounds of Love Refection

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The 2005 documentary “39 Pounds of Love” follows Ami Ankilewitz of Israel on a journey across the United States. Ankilewitz is determined to attain his persistent desire of finding Dr. Albert Cordova, who incorrectly diagnosed Ankilewitz with muscular dystrophy and gave him only five years to live. Ankilewitz was born in Texas in 1970. After noticing her son was playing and interacting differently than other children his age, Ankilewitz’s mother took him to be evaluated. There she was told her precious child would not live even to his teen years. As the movie shows, 39-pound Ankilewitz (who is now 34 years old and correctly diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy) began using a wheelchair and microphone to assist in his daily living.…show more content…
Against all odds, Ankilewitz not only eventually sits down with Dr. Cordova, but also fulfills his life-long dream of riding a Harley. The viewer sees just one sliver of Ankilewitz's life, but it is apparent that he has faced all his challenges in life with this same degree of tenacity. With his 39-pound frame, Ankilewitz backs down to no one, helping him exceeding Dr. Cordova or anyone else's expectations.
'39 Pounds of Love' shows Ankilewitz as a romantic, for life and love. Ankilewitz finds passion in everything he does and friendship with everyone he meets. Ankilewitz's fragile frame mesmerizes onlookers. Some stare, some walk away. Given the opportunity, Ankilewitz rapidly turns a stranger into a friend. He is heartfelt, honest and transparent. His passion for life invites people in. These relationships provide him with meaning and purpose. It is his life force. It motivates to do more than simply get through life. Instead, Ankilewitz lives life and loves life. Ankilewitz's life proves other people's perceptions of us do not have to define us. There comes a certain point in a person’s life where one must choose if outside perceptions are going to dictate their lives or serve as a catalyst for the drive and determination to be proven wrong.
Examining others can provide for great introspection, which allows for the constant personal reflection needed in the education field. Having the opportunity to observe the onlookers' behavior in response to

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