4g - Mobile Communication

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A TECHNICAL PAPER ON 4G – MOBILE COMMUNICATION D.MANOJ KUMAR P.PALLAVI III B.TECH,E.C.E II B.TECH,E.C.E N.B.K.R.I.S.T KITS VIDYANAGAR WARANGAL ABSTRACT With the rapid development of communication networks, it is expected that fourth generation mobile systems will be launched within decades. Fourth generation (4G) mobile…show more content…
The received analog signal is digitized by the analog to digital converter (ADC) immediately after the analog processing. The processing in the next stage (usually still analog processing in the conventional terminals) is then performed by a reprogrammable base band digital signal processor (DSP). The Digital Signal Processor will process the digitized signal in accordance with the wireless environment. 4.2. TERMINAL MOBILITY In order to provide wireless services at any time and anywhere, terminal mobility is a must in 4G infrastructures, terminal mobility allows mobile client to roam across boundaries of wireless networks. There are two main issues in terminal mobility: location management and handoff management. With the location management, the system tracks and locates a mobile terminal for possible connection. Location management involves handling all the information about the roaming terminals, such as original and current located cells, authentication information, and
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