5 Management Principles and Concepts

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5 Management Principles/Concepts

Management is the concept of getting work done through others. This concept began evolving in the 1880’s from being ideas and practices into a field of study. In Chuck Williams’ recent edition of “Management”, he establishes that there were several instrumental influences on the paradigm shift in the field of management. Those parties include but are not limited to, Fredrick Taylor, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, Henry Gantt, and Henri Fayol. These parties developed and engineered complimentary principles, ideas, and tools of management, which have been given significant credit in the foundation of management as a field of study.

Using the parties listed above as a foundation for my research I have
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Recruiting the right people who bring diverse levels of knowledge and understanding as well as the appropriate personality to jive well with their new co-workers is conducive to a positive team oriented work environment.

Developing team effectiveness is a fivefold process which some may say begins with effective recruiting by setting the stage for team development, establishing team cohesiveness, team norms, team size, and ultimately trying to minimize team conflicts. Companies segregate themselves into small teams they call departments, and for any department to perform at its peak the team will not only have to have diverse skills and knowledge, but also be able to work well together to produce favorable outcomes.

The concept of developing an effective team has resonated with me over this quarter as the company I work for has begun to hire a large number of new associates as a result of a new contract with a big name company, which we signed earlier in the year. Working closely with my boss, the company’s CFO, we have determined that we need to make some additions to our small finance team. The knowledge of what it takes to establish an effective team has helped me provide critical personality specification as well as job specifications that I feel would be essential for joining
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