8.7.1. Employer And Employee Benefits . •Remuneration Package

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8.7.1. EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEE BENEFITS • Remuneration package will be in line with current pay scales. • Vacations and holidays will be according to the Employees holiday act of 1954 where 1 ½ days a week, 7 medical and 21 annual days and all public and mercantile holidays are an entitlement. • An insurance scheme will be enforced for employees on being confirmed in the position after a period of 6 months. • Additional benefits will include bereavement leave, religious and floating holidays and a potential bonus structure. • Termination of services can be done by either employee or employer providing one-month notice in writing. • ‘‘English WalkwayJ’ will be a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and provide protection to the employer who …show more content…

Therefore, ‘English WalkwayJ’ will conduct classes for school children from 2.30 pm onwards. However, student will be permitted to come in to the premises of ‘English WalkwayJ’ and purchase a meal from the canteen and go to their class prior to start up time provided the class is not in use. ‘English WalkwayJ’ will not function on public holidays as per government regulations in Sri Lanka. • A scheduled class will commence if a minimum of 5 students have registered. • Facilities are available for 4 parallel classes to function at a given time. • If higher student numbers require enrolment, it will not be a possibility in the first year. The ‘Basic English’ class scheduled on Wednesdays will be conducted by the Managing Director. • 4simultaneous sessions will be carried out for certain classes depending on student numbers • General English for Schools • Young Learners English (YLE) : o YLE Starters o YLE Movers o YLE Flyers • Primary Level

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