8th Grade Project Report: The Goal

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The Goal- In life we all have goals, whether those be short term or long term goals. We set goals because we as humans like to feel accomplished. There are many more reason for setting goals, one more reason is to show how hard your work ethic is. For this project I had a lot of goals. Some I know I will achieve and some I know I won’t. Even some of these goals they won’t come out like how I pictured it in my head. Some of my early on goals were to create a paper mache animal and paint it. This project will help me with getting better at art, I think I am good, but paper mache I needed work on and this project helps. I will evaluate my success by how my final turns out. I want my final draft to look like a dog,(mainly a Bassett hound), with a food bowl, and some toys. I have many standards and expectations I want to reach for. I have planned every little detail in my head of what it should turn out like. Setting these goals has really got me close to the picture in my head. Doing this project will help me become a better artist and thinker. Those were my goals in this project.

Selection of sources- Finding sources for my project was easier than I thought it would be. Other than my mentor, a art teacher, one of the main sources I used were online sources, mainly

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