A Brief Note On Doctor Or Patient?

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“Doctor or patient?” These may be the first words many hear upon entering a hospital emergency room. Often overlooked, the source of this phrase happens to be extremely important to the productivity of an emergency room. Many usually assume that doctors, patients, and visitors are the only roles involved in a hospital emergency room; however, within all of the chaos, another, often unnoticed, character works busily: a volunteer. Volunteers observe every aspect of the emergency room, from the pictures on the walls in the waiting room to the security guards’ use of humor that adds a sprinkle of happiness to the air. Assisting patients and visitors upon entering the emergency room and delivering paperwork to doctors are a just a few of a volunteer’s duties, displaying how one plays a vital role in the operation of the emergency room by interacting with everyone in it. Noticing the distressed expression on the woman’s face, the volunteer cannot be certain if she has the role of a patient or visitor. “Doctor or patient?” The response is simply one word, “Patient.” The volunteer asks the woman for the patient’s name and directs her to go through security. While the woman undergoes the security process, the volunteer knocks on the glass window with the label “Registration” above it. The receptionist behind the window slides it open and eyes the volunteer, as if to ask “What do you want?” Answering the gaze of the receptionist, the volunteer requests the room number of the patient…
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