A Canadian Company Called Td Bank Is An Element Of Long Term Wealth Creation Into Their Enterprise

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My company is a Canadian company called TD Bank. Yes banks are mega-glutinous, self-serving machines and TD has these characteristics similar to what we expect and perceive of such institutions. However, I like the leaders of this bank. They play the big boys game but over the years, their community support initiatives, programs, education and financial funding have proven their backing for various communities and entrepreneurial efforts. The following describes how TD Bank has embedded an element of long-term wealth creation into their enterprise. Canada’s fastest, youngest and strongest growing demographic is our indigenous peoples. Over half of this population is under the age of 27, which represents a rapidly growing and…show more content…
To date, TD Bank has invested over $500 million in business relationships with Aboriginal clients and enterprises throughout Canada. Their goal is to enhance, support, understand and grow Aboriginal businesses and relationships. In 2013, Clint Davis, Vice President, Aboriginal Banking, launched an Aboriginal Banking Strategy that provides products, services and financing to Aboriginal communities and businesses to help them achieve their goals and continue to succeed. The creation and accumulation of wealth is positively impacting Aboriginal communities. TD Bank is providing support and advice to Aboriginal communities in the planning and implementation of successful claim settlement negotiations, resource revenue sharing and managing new wealth through multi-generational trust funds. TD Bank is driving a new national strategy to deepen relationships and earn the honour of serving Aborginal people and their businesses. The reason for this strategy is because Aborginal financial needs are increasing in their diversity and their sophistication. First Nation, Metis and Unuit governments organizations plus thousands of businesses are playing an important role in Canadian economy. TD wants to support these communities in their economic growth, ambitions and dreams. To increase Aboriginal businesses, TD is very proactive in identifying their banking and
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