A Career Plan For Convention Management

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Career Plan Assignement Introduction Convention management is a type of project management that includes the creation, development, and execution of processes in order to create a successful group meeting. As a part of the hospitality industry, it has been consistently growing for the past decade; in the next eight years, the demand for convention managers is expected to grow globally by thirty-three percent. Purpose Statement The purpose of this paper is to explore a career in convention management. The elements investigated include the job responsibilities, career opportunities, and professional knowledge of a convention manager. This paper also discusses recent trends in conventions and how these trends have impacted the industry.…show more content…
After gradually gaining more responsibility for one to two years, planners become the main contact for the event. They now handle client and supplier interactions. After a planner has worked multiple events at a venue such as a convention center or convention hotel, that venue often pursues the planner to remain on staff. He/she acts as director of all events, becoming the main contact and decision maker for future conventions and guest interactions. This generally comes with a salary increase. However, one in six convention planners are self-employed. This allows a planner to hold additional jobs, create his/her own schedule, and determine pricing. These individuals’ salaries are competitive with those who chose to work for a company. Nonetheless, self-employment lacks the basic benefits of working for a large company such as insurance, promotion opportunities, larger networking circles, and name recognition. Trends Convention centers are expanding, especially in cities. The interdependency of convention centers and other areas of the hospitality industry such as hotels and restaurants causes all of these areas to grow, thus, expanding the economy. Amenities and attractions in a destination make the location more desirable for a convention, while the convention draws more people and more spending to those businesses. Within the centers, focus is shifting from large lectures to
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