The Challenges Of Tour Guides In The Tourism And Hospitality Industry

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The Tourism and Hospitality Industry is one of the largest industries in the country. This industry is one of the key front-line players which contributes greatly to the growth of the economy of a country. They are the vital source of income for both government and private sectors. People often mistaken that the duty of the profession in the tourism and hospitality to be somewhat similar, that is to serve clients but in fact, there is actually a vast difference between the roles of a tour guide, travel tour manager and travel agency manager.
According to Sokanu (2017), tour guides are individuals who work in the travel industry, giving guided tours to groups of visitors and typically the residents of the region in which they give tours. Tour guides have the ability to transform the tourists’ visits from a tour to a life-long experience through the delivery of knowledge and interpretations of the attractions and culture at the destinations with their communication and service skills. A tour guide’s duties highly depend on their employer and location. The three prime areas of specialization in the guiding industry are corporate …show more content…

One of the challenges that these travel agency managers face is that there is a greater traveler independence (Murison, 2015). In certain parts of the worlds, travelers are keen to explore and travel without the need of having everything arranged for them anymore. These travelers know what they want and how to obtain it getting rid of the need for travel agencies. Additionally, the increasing transparency of prices is another problem that travel agency managers face (Murison, 2015). Travelers are not naïve when it comes to the pricing of their trip. With all the online services available, travelers can check and compare prices of the best deals that suit their needs and their

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