A Code Of Ethics Of A Concrete And Electrical Business

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Our business will be a partnership between Juan Alvarado and Eduardo Martinez will be starting a concrete and electrical business and we’ll be naming it JECE co. We came up with this name using our initials and the initial of what we are doing which is a concrete and electrical company. Our business will be providing work in the electrical and concrete field. We'll be providing work to big companies, who want to build any type of buildings like schools, apartment, houses, and stores. Customers will be choosing us because we are a company who is providing two different services, and because we are going to provide the right and proper work. In order for our company to be trusted a code of ethics must be in place. The business must follow …show more content…

Being part of a partnership allows the business to have more capital since there are two partners who are bringing their funds together for the prosperity of the business. A partnership is also good for the business since there is no income tax, and because two people with different ideas can come up with excellent ideas for the business. In every partnership is essential to have a partnership agreement. In our business, our partnership agreement will be between Juan Alvarado-Macedo of 3630 Wrench RD, Dunn, NC, and Eduardo Martinez of XXX, Godwin, NC. It will also have the duties that each partner will be doing within the business, Martinez will be in charge of the concrete part of the business and Alvarado will be in charge of the electrical part of the business. Each partner will be investing equal amounts of $30,000, and will be investing equal amounts of money while the business starts to expand. The Duration of this agreement will be (10) years at the beginning of 2018. The partnership agreement will also state that both partners will be earning the same amount of money each year, any losses in the business, it will be shared 50 percent Martinez, and 50 percent Alvarado. In case of termination of agreement or the death of the partner. The partners will have the primary chance to buy the other's partner's interest. Our business profile will include; the type of

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