A Comfort Zone Is A Place Or Situation Where One Feels Safe Or At Ease Without Stress

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A comfort zone is a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease without stress. It is where I was before I experienced Service Initiative for Ninth Graders, otherwise known as SING. SING is an annual event for Lovett School ninth graders to travel outside of their everyday life to assist others that are less fortunate than they are. This experience lasts for two days and one night and is done with your advisory. Before my ninth grade year, I had a assumption about what sing was. Nothing much, just go out of school for two days and do some stuff then come back. This beginning conjecture would later be proven wrong. The service we did is heart-warming knowing that I helped someone and life-changing because I have a completely new interpretation of homelessness.
During my SING retreat we did a total of three service projects. First, my petite advisory was challenged by moving enormous furniture up a two-story townhome for refugees. At that time, the family of eight was fleeing from their country on a nine-hour flight. Although I knew that a large family would have to live in a tiny home, I had trouble really connecting to their situation. So then we went on to the next project where we had the chance to talk to citizens of Atlanta that used to be homeless and that are now doing well. I had trouble understanding their past situations because I knew their lives were in place now. I went to sleep that Thursday night thinking about how life is good. Everything I did that day…
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