A Comfort Zone Is A Place Or Situation Where One Feels Safe Or At Ease Without Stress

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A comfort zone is a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease without stress. It is where I was before I experienced Service Initiative for Ninth Graders, otherwise known as SING. SING is an annual event for Lovett School ninth graders to travel outside of their everyday life to assist others that are less fortunate than they are. This experience lasts for two days and one night and is done with your advisory. Before my ninth grade year, I had a assumption about what sing was. Nothing much, just go out of school for two days and do some stuff then come back. This beginning conjecture would later be proven wrong. The service we did is heart-warming knowing that I helped someone and life-changing because I have a completely new…show more content…
I still felt in my comfort zone however and I was praying to get out. When I woke up I learned that we were traveling to an organization called Safe House Outreach to provide assistance for homeless veterans. Later that day, I would meet a man who changed my perspective on what it is to be homeless.
When we arrived at Safe House Outreach, our guide, Garret, led us to Woodruff Park. Our job was to notify and alert homeless veterans that Safe House Outreach was having a dinner for people who served. I talked to seven different people in an hour. I simply told them about the dinner and they said “thank you young man” and proceeded to grasp the slip of paper from my hand. It was not until I talked to that eighth man that I understood homelessness from a deep point of view. He went by James. He was an African-American short averaged-sized 52 year-old man. I could smell the alchohal in his breath. Instead of just taking the slip from my sweaty hand, he told me He wanted to have a conversation with me. Eager to get out of my comfort zone, I agreed. He started with his childhood. He was a star athlete who played football, basketball, and baseball. He grades were subpar and he came from a lower-class family. When it came time for him to go to college, he couldn’t. With not much of a choice, he decided to join the army but then he told me, “Joining the army was the dumbest thing I did”. I was confused. I asked him why that was. He said, “They don’t do anything
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