A Common Problem For Parents Are Their Teenagers Rebelling Against Them

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Taylor Hauser Dr. Washington English 1101 8 October 2015 Teenage Rebellion A common problem for parents is their teenagers rebelling against them. When given strict rules, teenagers may rebel against their parents to feel a sense of freedom while struggling with identity and acceptance. Teenagers seek distinctiveness from their parents’ demands and go against their rules. While it can cause conflict between the parent and teen, by allowing the rules to be more accommodating to both individuals, argument can be avoided. In the past, teenagers going against their parents was inexistent. The parents of today’s teens would have never talked back to their parents, disobeyed their rules, or questioned their decisions. Today’s teens however find it acceptable to do so. Teenagers today are growing up in a different scene then their parents and grandparents did. When the grandparents of today were growing up, “more than half of their fathers were in the work force and their mothers were homemakers” (Hilliker). This being said, there was usually always a motherly figure at home all day. With a parent constantly at home, this allows for the adult to be regularly involved in the teen’s daily life. When the parents of teens today were being raised, it was now more common for both parents to be working. With two parents working, this means teens are more likely to be left alone at home during the day. With a teenager home alone for the majority of the day, “teens are more likely to

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