A Common Source Of Conflict Essay

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A common source of conflict in India is the lack of a Uniform Civil Code. This argument stems from the discrimination Indian women face under religious personal laws. A Uniform Civil Code replaces patriarchal personal laws with a common set of laws that would govern each citizen and cover matters relating to marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption and maintenance. While India is a democracy, Indian leaders recognize that there are several religious groups living within their borders so they strive to be a pluralist country, a country where there is more than just one center of power, which in India 's case are Muslims, Hindus, and Christians. While this approach looks good in theory, it leaves critical matters such as marriage, dowry, and property rights solely in the hands of religious leaders. This approach allows for the subjectivity of religion to be exploited and removes the checks and balances system that many countries thrive on. The discriminatory nature of these laws is a direct antithesis to the equality that the Constitution grants all of its citizens. While religious leaders argue that changing these laws is an assault on the rights provided to them, it 's also critical to note that they directly assault the laws granted to Indian women. While Articles 25 through 30 of the Indian Constitution protect religious freedom and cultural rights of minorities, Articles 14 through 24 ensure an individual 's rights to equality and freedom. This forces the question: why be

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