A Comparison Of Charles Darwin And Alfred Russel Wallace's Theory Of Evolution

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Today’s technology has changed the way we humans communicate and travel. It also changes the ways we as a free thinker, think in ways, we would not normally do. We see these things as enriching our lives, but instead, we are taking it for granted. Like, for example, we talk a lot about cellular devices and can travel easier, with a car, train, bus, or by an airplane. We need these things, in today’s world because we are not in the olden days, we are much more advanced and we are not seeing the downside to this. We are not getting enough exercise, due to the fact that we are so much further in the environment, and this is the ways we have adapted, are free minds too.

Back in the early modern civilization, we did not have
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Like Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, they were onto the same path to the theory of evolution, using their free mind to find the answer. For the research both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace did, most of the credit was given to Darwin, but also Wallace was co-discover of the theory of evolution. The word free thinkers mean a person that can form their own opinion from their mind, that’s what god has given to us. Darwin has inspired me, to write this paper about his talent that anybody, can be a free thinker when you explore your mind. All humans have a different purpose this is why god has given us this wonderful gift. With an idea, it is easier for more than one person to take that idea and make it better and useable. All humans do not think the same, but they think in different ways I can’t see. I enjoy what the early settlers has given us, a piece of happiness and the freedom of speech. I like it that people are not using their free minds for bad, but they are using it to shape this world we are all living in today. This is all great because history will not go away, and what I have learned in this class will be told for the coming future of students of this class. I like this class and I wish we could have class like this, that can inspire us are free minds to shape a better…show more content…
After this class, I see myself enjoying what the free thinkers have left us with great historic memories. Without these free thinkers, do you think we would be here enjoying life? Your mind is your own voice, and when you see your mind, there is a lot of adventures that can be told. Using your mind is a great tool, that god has given us to use, in ways we don’t know, but we are learning, for the greater future. It was great being in this course, because it taught me that history has a lot of memories, and we need to be thankful, for the way we are shaped today. “We could be sleepwalking into the future where neuro-chips technology blurs the line between living and non-living machines, and between our bodies and the outside world”. I think that more technology is being created, but do we know when or how technology is going to stop or are we going to build until we move on. We don’t even know where our minds are going to take us, we need to be ready for what is going to happen in the upcoming
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