A Critical Evaluation Of Promotional Strategies Used By Coca Cola

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Research Project Title: A Critical Evaluation of promotional strategies used by Coca-Cola in UK Chapter 1 – Introduction (1000-1500) 1.1 Introduction The marketing environment is continuously changing and to take advantage of opportunities and there must be a marketing strategy and strategic plans for organisation. The fast and the efficiency of promotion has become an essential factor for the success of a business project. Corporation is necessary to preserve unity, thus the statement amplifies the need for promotions in marketing strategies. The applications of various marketing mix has vital role in improving business productivity in market environment .Today Promotion has fundamental part in our social and economic system. Rapid growth of technologies and ecommerce contribute mass ways to companies to approach marketing as well as promotion. Promotional Strategy functions of informing and influence a consumer decision, some strategies that are aimed to develop their brand for demand for example companies like coco-cola, pepsi. This Chapter covers various aspects of this project such as the Background of the Study, profile of the company, Aim, objectives and justification of study. 1.2 Background of study The main concern of the study is to gain knowledge and an idea regarding the promotional strategies used by Coca-Cola UK. As we know promotion is the main marketing tool in a business organisation which can reach customers easily. The companies set specific

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