A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen Essay

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A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen The play “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen is about a wife that is hiding a big secret from her overprotective husband. The play takes place on Christmas Eve till the day after Christmas. Nora Helmer and Torvald Helmer have been married for 8 years, yet Nora is hiding something from Torvald that she thinks would ruin everything if he found out. It opens up with Nora coming home and decorating the house for Christmas and making preparations. They have 3 children: Ivar, Bob, and Emmy, who are all very young. Torvald is a lawyer and has recently just gotten a promotion where he works at the bank and been made manager of the Joint Stock Bank, yet Nora is just a housewife and Torvald doesn’t trust her…show more content…
After he is done talking to Torvald he goes to Nora and it is revealed that he is the one she borrowed money from and the contract she and her father signed for the money was forged. Krogstad threatens Nora that she better tell her husband to let him keep his job or else he would tell him of what she had done. After Krogstad leaves Nora tells Torvald that he should not fire him, but he says that he has to because of his dishonesty and that he already gave his job to Mrs. Linde. The maid then enters with a Ball Gown for Nora because she is going to dance the tarantella at the Ball the day after Christmas. Kristine comes by to help her stitch up her dress and then leaves once Torvald comes. They talk about Krogstad and again he refuses to let him keep his job, this time sending him the notice that he is fired in the mail so there is no turning back. Torvald leaves to go to his study and Dr. Rank comes to tell Nora that he is very ill and will be dying soon, and then he tells her that he loves her and she is very shocked, but does not love him back. Dr. Rank then goes into Torvald’s study and Krogstad enters. He is very angry and Nora is very scared of him, he tells her that he has left a letter in the mailbox explaining the whole crime of forgery that Nora has committed to her husband. Nora is very upset by this and talks to

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