A Leader 's Leadership Team

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1.0 Introduction The term leader is defined as an individual who can lead and influence a group of individuals to achieve a common goal (Grint, 2010). Being an effective leader takes time, experience, and lots of maturity. What traits do effective leaders possess? How is the vision of the organization implemented by the leader into the team? How can a leader build and manage a team? This paper will talk about all these points in detail. L’Arche Toronto is heavily relied on team work. This is evident with the team structure that is currently in place for each of the four group homes including the main office. Each team consists of a house leader (team leader), financial administrator, and assistants. The same structure applies for the main …show more content…

A leader is able to influence the people around them to cooperatively commit to accomplish a certain goal. There are traits that differentiates a leader from the non-leaders: ambition, self-confidence, cognitive ability, honesty and integrity, and motivation (Grint, 2010). 2.1 Ambition Leaders should have a moderately high ambition for success. Amongst effective leaders the need for efficiently completing tasks to perfection is a significant driving force. Developing better ways of completing tasks, earning high standards of excellence, and successfully accomplishing challenging tasks satisfies the high achievers. Leaders must be ambitious on making their way to the top of the organization. A successful leader vigorously take extra steps to demonstrate their drive and determination; they continuously work toward improvement and success. Ambitious leaders set challenging goals for themselves and their team to strive for success. They must have a lot of energy to endure their high accomplishment drive. They must have resilient physical, emotional, and mental vitality to work long, and intense hours. This permits the leader to gain practical knowledge, both through education and work experience. Leaders have the tenacity to overcome obstacles than non-leaders as they are persistent in their activities. They are able to work with distant goals in view and have a high degree of perseverance. They are very proactive and can immediately take action that

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