A Look Inside a Woman’s World Essay example

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Humans are undeniably trained and wired to judge others based on race, gender, and appearance. Unfortunately, women are stuck in all categories of judgments. Jean Kilbourne, an award-winning producer on documentaries about images of women in ads, explains that when media and advertisements exploit femininity for personal gain, women are at risk for much harm because it promotes objectification, which eventually will led to violence. An African American feminist, Joan Morgan, expresses her further disturbance about the constant sexism in rap lyrics that endorses violence and anger towards women. “’Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt’: Advertising and Violence,” by Jean Kilbourne and “From Fly-Girls to Bitches and Hos,” by Joan Morgan reveals …show more content…

The slogan for Snickers chocolate bar, “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry,” demonstrates a male timber worker as a whinny woman who got struck to the dirt floor by a big timber at the end of the commercial. This Snickers commercial, which was chosen as the best of 2011 ads, belittles femininity and uses violence towards women. It advertises the thought that being whinny is like being a woman, which must be result in violence. Jean Kilbourne argues that ads labels women as an object, while using numerous male figures to dominate over her vulnerability in various ways that suggested disturbing images of rap and brutality (575). Calvin Klein tactically pushed the public’s limit when he ran an ad campaign that look similar to child pornography, which gained many controversies, but at the same time managed to increase sales due to free publicity (594). This illustrates the force of advertisement and its power on our society and public. Although it disturbs many public views due to the suggestion of child pornography, the ads promote daring rebel as an appealing image to the majority of customers (594). Advertisements that objectify women to meet physical perfection are inspiring young girls from all over the world to become a size zero, to be nothing.
The harsh reality in known worldwide that sex sells. From designer hand bags to fast food burgers, sexual images are illustrated throughout the world

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