Mars Persuasive Speech

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“I don't know why you're on Mars… But whatever the reason you're on Mars is, I'm glad you're there. And I wish I was with you.” That is part of the recorded message astrophysicist Carl Sagan left to the future humans on Mars, a few months before his death in 1966.
On average, Mars is approximately 140 million miles away from Earth; 250 million at its furthest point and 30 million at its shortest. If you were to take the shortest possible non-stop trip to Mars and back with our current technology, you would be in a spaceship for over a year, and one way would still take seven to eight months. What would make that journey worth it? Why is exploring Mars such a big part of the future of humanity? To answer these questions we must first …show more content…

Ask nearly any person what they think about sending people to Mars and they may counter with statements such as “there are so many problems on Earth already we need to fix first” or from another “We are fine on Earth, why spend billions to send people away?” But there is a slight problem. Earth will not always be “fine” for humans. Someday it will reach a point where it is not suitable for us. If famine, draught, wars, or disease don’t terminate us first, the entire planet will be consumed by the closest star, the Sun. That may not be for a few billion years, but if by that point the human race has not moved on, to put it plainly, humanity is screwed.
But let’s say right now at this very moment, a group of people were traveling at thousands of miles an hour to set foot on the Red Planet for the first time. Would you not be amazed at what we are now capable of? Tomorrow’s children would be inspired to reach for even further goals, pioneering the entire solar system. It would not take long (relatively speaking) before sustained utilization of the rest of the solar system is a regular thing.
Aside from the future of humanity racing to avoid its imminent doom, what would happen now, in our life time, if humans were actually sent Mars?
For one, Mars has great economic value. There is about 144 trillion square miles
(close to all the land area of Earth) of land that is available for development on Mars. Although there is not much of an

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