A New Modality Emerges : Native Advertising

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Using new digital technologies constantly transform how current society operates in different spheres; consumer habits are one of the most influenced by these technological innovations, so digital marketing is popular day by day.

Consumers of various products and services, in any productive sector, interact differently with brands since they use the web to communication, as they seek practical and effective solutions to their needs and problems; Base their choice on the information they get on websites, on the opinions of other consumers and the experience they offer them when consuming their products or services. As with sales, the less obvious you perceive the intention to sell, the more likely you must close a sale. This means that
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Native ads opened. It is also online advertising that, thanks to certain programs, is published in diverse platforms that share identical themes.

On the other hand, there are seven types of Native ads, according to the "Native Advertising Playbook" guide published by the IAB of the United States.

1) Native ads embedded in editorial content. Within this category there are other subcategories:

A) Content created jointly, between the advertiser brand and the editorial team of the platform; His metric is calculated based on the interactions he has as well as his notoriety.
B) Sponsored links. These are the links that are made within the body of a text, which when positioned in them and give click lead to the websites of the brands. In this case, its ranges are calculated by the CTR.
C) Ad integrated with the content of the website. It mimics in appearance with the editorial content of the platform giving to the internaut the possibility of interacting with him, and it appears like a related post; but in fact, it leads to the web page of a company. Its metric is calculated based on the interactions and notoriety of the advertisement as in the first case.

2) SEM. Native ads in searches. This type of advertising appears when a user queries any specific topic in any of the existing search
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