A Report On Boko Haram

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Introduction Today, terrorism is among the foremost issues troubling the world. Most terrorist groups are the root cause of death and destruction of property worth millions. Mainly, most terrorist groups place their belief in religion, Islam to be more specific. Though the Islamic faith is quick to separate itself from such terrorist groups, it is clear that all trace their roots to their faith. Most terrorist groups were mainly situated in the Arab world, in the Middle East. However, they have evolved and today they are beginning to take root in the world particularly in Africa. The Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram are clear examples of terrorist groups in Africa. Boko Haram in particular has been a juggernaut for the Nigerian government and the world at large. Their most recent abduction of 276 schoolchildren is a clear indication of their strength (Smith 11). As such, this paper will focus on the Boko Haram. Key to the analysis is its beginnings and history and its activities across the world. More importantly is the ways to try to deal with the growing Boko Haram Society. History Boko Haram’s origin and development can be traced to the year 2002. At the time, Yusuf Mohammed was a Muslim cleric who was extremely radical. He was opposed to the western faith which he described as Haram and the root cause of the troubles in Nigeria. He began teaching youth on the effects that western culture had on them. A number of factors were responsible for the success of Yusuf’s
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