A Report On The Client

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SOWK 543
Assignment #2: Psychosocial Assessement

Winntrest Hampton
February 24, 2015
Professor: Victoria Winsett

A. Identifying Information:
The client is a twenty-four year old Caucasian male from Arlington, Texas. He currently lives at home with his wife in Medical Lake, Washington. Client has been honorably discharged from the military after serving for six years. He has been home about 5 months. He is currently employed as a security guard for a private company. Client reports that he is used to the structure and organization of the military and is having a hard time adjusting. Client reports since he’s been home, he and his wife argue and fights all of the time. Client reports his wife says he is moody all of the time and has referred him to therapy as a means to save their marriage. He reports feeling like everything is “blowing up in his face,” and wants the relationship “back the way it was.”
B. Setting:
The agency is a Center Servicing Families, providing individual, group, and family counseling for men, women, and children within the community.
C. Reason for Referral/Presenting Problem:
Client states wife made him attend the therapy sessions due to the client is displaying mood swings and issues with anger. Client reports having issues with being able to communication since returning from Afghanistan. Client states “I’m only doing this to please my wife, she wants me to be the person I was before I left.” Client reports that his inability…
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