A Report On The Client

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SOWK 543
Assignment #2: Psychosocial Assessement

Winntrest Hampton
February 24, 2015
Professor: Victoria Winsett

A. Identifying Information:
The client is a twenty-four year old Caucasian male from Arlington, Texas. He currently lives at home with his wife in Medical Lake, Washington. Client has been honorably discharged from the military after serving for six years. He has been home about 5 months. He is currently employed as a security guard for a private company. Client reports that he is used to the structure and organization of the military and is having a hard time adjusting. Client reports since he’s been home, he and his wife argue and fights all of the time. Client reports his wife says he is moody all of
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Client reports since he’s been home from the military he and his wife argue often. Client reports the ending result is not resolve; leaving him frustrated and confused; which leads to anger. Client reports unable to control his anger. Client reports he has attempted to rectify the situation by asking his wife on a couple of dates. The client states she turned him down, causing more frustration, anger, and confusion. Client states he has never had therapy prior to coming to this agency. Client states he does not really want to be here, but “if it is the only way to make things the way they were with his wife, he will give it a try.” Client seeks to learn how to re-build a relationship with his wife and no longer wants to fight. Client reports wanting to “feel happy about life again.”
D. Client’s Description and Functioning:
Client typically arrives to the sessions in t-shirt and jeans. Client’s clothes are clean. He is sometimes clean shaven and sometimes not. Client’s hair is always groomed. His posture is relaxed at times, but no direct eye contact. Client is typically engaged during sessions and is compliant. His mood is up and down. He reports difficulty expressing and communicating within his relationship with his wife. Client reports “he will do whatever it takes to make things the way they used to be with his wife.” He reports that he and his wife were only married six months before he left for the military.
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