A Report On The Company ' Brain Mosley '

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Brain Mosley was promoted in managing director position for Aspen Automotives, in India; a supplier of American automobile manufactures. The company decided to capitalize in Bindi Brake Company, which manufactured high quality break pads to European car companies. Over the years, Bindi experienced difficulties due to intense competition with American and Japanese firms. After investigation of the company, Aspens corporate headquarters concluded that the plant was bureaucratic and lacked performance incentives. Workers didn’t acquire the proper knowledge and skills to complete tasks, and were hired based on their relationship with management. Management failed to supply employees with incentives to motivate employees, which caused poor performance. Management believed that if Indian operations match American plant’s level of efficiency, could cause Bindi to succeed. Due to Mosley success in the turnaround of troubled manufacturing plants domestically and internationally; was selected by corporate headquarters to introduce western managerial practices, and direct organizational change at Bandi; in effort to improve overall efficiency and profitability. In effort to direct change, Mosley first three months consisted of examining Bindi’s current managerial practices. He spoke with managers and employees to get a better observation on who he believes will benefit the company, and who is more of a liability. Mosley considered workers such as Rajan Patel, who was the most

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