Analyzing Managerial Decisions: Interwest Healthcare

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Chapter 2 Case Study 1. What are the potential sources of the problem? After reading the case study it seems that one problem between the hospitals and upper management seems to be lack of communication. It seems that Singh and Mrs. Manzoni have not affectively communicated to the hospital administrators what the goals of the company are and what is best for the company. I believe that Mrs. Singh and the hospital administrators value the importance of two different things. Mrs. Singh values the importance of correct data entry into the firm’s management information system. While, the hospital administrators seem to be placing more value on the importance of patient services. In addition, it seems Mrs. Singh does not know what…show more content…
In addition, unlike Mrs. Singh I would come up with a better way to effectively communicate to hospital administrators the importance of accurate reporting. Since it seems the administrators strongly value patient services I would go into more detail on how inaccurate reporting may affect federal aid receive in order to help patients. There should also be clearly stated goals of the company communicated to the employees and ways to help employees achieve these goals. Furthermore, I feel that there should be some type of incentive to help motivate employees to exert more effort in accurate reporting. Taking the economic view point if Mrs. Singh wants a desired behavior from the administrators the behavior is possible by changing the feasible opportunities facing the decision maker (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, 2009). 4. How does your view of behavior affect how you might address this consulting assignment? I believe that my view of behavior tremendously affects the way I would handle the consulting assignment. Personally when it comes to a working environment I feel that behavior can be changed through motivation, training, and communication. I feel that some small incentive or reward should be given and order to motivate individuals on the job. However, I do feel that not only should there be an incentive there should also be clear cut training and communication between management and employees. I

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