A Research Study On Selecting A Committee

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Selecting a committee is a very important step in the process of preparing for a dissertation. As the researcher engage in the process and in conjunction with the committee chair and members the goal will be to define the research topic, develop the researchers’ proposal and engage in the process of drafting while critiquing the entire research in an attempt to compose and ensure the researcher completes his or her dissertation.
Scholars Wu and Beaunae (2014) suggests, the process of finishing a doctoral dissertation is a process that requires the researcher to have dedication, make many life altering sacrifices as they engage in multiple theoretical, practical, supervisory and committee team challenges. As I embark on this daunting journey there have been several professors that have positively impacted my ability to stay the course and committee to this process. A special thanks goes to professor Lin, Jameson and Hickman. All three have been influential in my research development as they have fostered an ethical learning environment that has strengthened my desire and dedication to complete this doctoral dissertation journey. Scholars Schopfel and Prost (2013) suggests the selection and roles of the dissertation committee members are critical. The committee chair has broad decision making powers throughout the process as he or she approves the topic, the consultation process and every chapter and line within. Each member thereafter should and are often considered

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