A Research Study On The Field Of Psychology

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The field of psychology is truly fascinating, as the discovery of new and remarkable ideas arise with every question a researcher chooses to explore. Where questions can develop into a research study, which can either solidify, contribute, support, inspire, or provide answers in the field of psychology. In a sense, research is a trial and error approach as researchers are not always cognizant of the results that a study will provide. However, with sufficient knowledge the researcher can conduct a study, with less error, should the researcher be aware of a few simple ingredients. First, as simple as it sounds, knowing whether if a question is sufficient is a good place to start. Once that has been determined, then the researcher can proceed to collect some basic data in order to decide what the best statistical test to utilize. The researcher can then determine how easy or complex the research will be and whether if one statistical test will be used throughout or a combination? These basic suggestions may be difficult for someone to understand, while other individuals may be more visual, and perhaps find a decision tree to be more useful. This writer will be outlining basic information learned while graciously participating in RES 5400 Understanding, Interpreting & Applying Statistical Concepts class. In this process, this writer will be detailing and defining a few terms that can help a someone to decide what statistical test to use. This writer will follow the outline by
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