A Review On Management Of The 's Cancer : Nano Technology

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A Review on Management of Colo-rectal Cancer: Nano-technology
Qurat Ul Ain, Nabeela Shaheen, Sadia Tabassum,
Riphah Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RIPS), Riphah International University, G 7/4, 7th Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Colorectal cancer is one of the fatal diseases of this era with quite higher incidence rate. Due to a high fatality rate, health organizations and researchers are continuously looking for new and better management options. In this strive, nanotechnology served as a major and novel treatment methodology with betterment and more optimum outcomes. Work is carried out with respect to colo-rectal malignancies where nano-particles are either used as diagnostic tools or they serve as treatment tools for targeted drug delivery to the tumor cells. This all leads to more specific and sensitive drug delivery to site of action thus minimizing the dose associated and non-specific drug delivery side-effects. The following review article will address such efforts and their impact to reduce disease burden, thus improving future prospects of the disease.
Nanotechnology Nano-particles Colo-rectal cancer Diagnosis Treatment Introduction:
Colo-rectal cancer is the 2nd leading cause of deaths in world [1] and is ranked 3rd in terms of cancer relate deaths in United States [2]. It is more common in developed countries than developing one [1] and so is called a disease of western
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