A Short Note On J Tec And Its Impact On The World Essay

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Italy is a European country that has a well-developed infrastructure and is also a peninsula, so it can be used as a shipping station for places all over Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. There are many opportunities that J-tec can take advantage of, but there are also threats that they need to be aware of so they can avoid or cope with them in the best possible way. Most of their infrastructure is well developed which can be an opportunity, but the further south that one goes the infrastructure gets gradually worse which can work against J-Tec as a threat. Another opportunity that J-tec can take advantage of is the system of ports and fleets that Italy should ship goods across the Mediterranean. Italy is also home to many trade exhibitions that attract the attention of much of the world, the trade shows combined with a strong manufacturing industry in the automotive industry gives Italy a lot of potential. The US is Italy 's largest non-EU trading partner, this means that Italians are receptive to American goods which is an opportunity that J-Tec does not have to actively go and pursue. Another large opportunity is the location of Italy 's industrial and manufacturing sector Italy’s main manufacturing plants are in a kind of triangle from Turin in the North, in the West from Milan, and Venice to the East. It is said that this is one of the prosperous regions in Europe in terms of industry and boasts about 50% of Italy 's national income. ( A
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