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100 Years of Jrotc: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
The United States Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, abbreviated JROTC, was established by the National Defense Act of 1916. JROTC serves as a character and leadership development program for the United States’ high school students. High school students enrolled in JROTC are called “Cadets.” There are approximately 314,000 Cadets enrolled in JROTC in 1,731 high schools, drove by 4,000 retired Army Instructors. In the beginning, through the JROTC program, high schools were able to use federal military equipment and assign active duty military personnel as instructors for their classes. In 1964, the Vitalization Act opened JROTC up to the other branches of the military and also replaced most of the active duty instructors with retired members of the armed forces, who worked for and are cost shared by the schools. Title 10 of the U.S. Code declares that “the purpose of Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is to instill in students in United States secondary educational …show more content…

Today as a product of that, the commanding general of the XVIII(18th) Airborne Corp is LTG Townsend. LTG Townsend was a 1980 Graduate of Griffin High School and is currently working hard and doing great things for the United States. JROTC is a successful program, making substantial contributions to students, schools, and communities which benefit greatly from its presence. The benefits of JROTC are reflected in metrics impacting all schools in the U.S. The study of ethics, citizenship, communications, leadership, life skills and other subjects designed to prepare young men and women to take their place in adult society, evolved as the core of the program. However, more recently, an improved student centered curriculum focusing on character building and civic responsibility is being presented in every JROTC

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