A Short Note On The Jung Typology Test

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According to the Humanbetrics Jung Typology Test, My conformed profile is INT. This differs slightly from what I had “guesstimated” last week, when I thought that I was an ISJT. According to the site, I lean slightly toward intuition over sensing, by 6%. What this means is that I appear self-confident, even to the point of seeming arrogant; I am a perfectionist; I have difficulty with relationships but am willing to work on them (Humanmetrics, 2017). To expand on this, let’s begin with the appearance of self-confidence. This is not a generalized state of being for me. Quite on the contrary, I am generally very self-deprecating. I have difficulty with asserting myself. The exception is that when the subject is a subject that I have strong …show more content…

On difficulty with relationships, this is absolutely true. For me it is compounded by the fact that I am an Aspie (I have Asperger’s Syndrome, an autism-spectrum neurological disorder). I have great difficulty with social interactions with other people, therefore I try to avoid them. Where the willingness to work on relationships shows up for me is when I look back at my two failed marriages. In both cases, I was the one who didn’t want to end the marriage. I went to counselors, sought the counsel of my pastors, friends, and even the friends of my wife, trying to “figure out” what I could do to save our marriage. Sometimes those counseling sessions were with just me alone, and sometimes I was able to convince an otherwise unwilling wife to come to the session, but generally that turned into an “it’s all your fault” blame session directed at me. In the end, though, I know that I did all I could do to save our marriage, and I realize that there wasn’t just one party at fault. The opposite profile to mine would be an ESFP. The ESFP loves the party, the excitement, and being the center of attention. This person gets his energy from being around people, where I get mine from solitude. They jump from topic to topic, and have no difficulty changing subjects without notice, while leaving me behind, confused by thinking that the latest statement is part of the same subject that we were talking about just moments prior. This person likes to experience new

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