The Jung Personality Test : A Test

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The Jung Personality Test, was a test, trying to figure out about what kind of person I am. The test had many different questions it was asking and I would answer them truthfully. Through this test, I learned I was extroverted, sensitive, a thinker/feeler and perceiving. The first word I tested for was being extroverted, this means that I am easy to approach, social and that I like going to parties. I knew this was true, because I am really easy to approach. People come up to me all the time, and they just talk to me about anything they want. Also, I am not to intimidating. I always walk around with a big smile on my face or at least I try to as much as possible. Another thing is that I am really sociable. When people see me out, I am always the first one to go up and say, “What’s up?” being in the center of the room talking to everyone I believe really brightens up peoples day. Also, I love being in groups or going to parties, because I am a peoples person. Other people and I usually get along good, however sometimes I may talk too much at points. However, sometimes I like to do my own thing. Listening to music and riding around in my truck are something things I like to do by myself, because it relaxes me. Another word I tested for was being sensitive. Being sensitive I am very realistic. I always tell it how it is. One day my old girlfriend asked me if I thought she looked pretty in the dress she was wearing and I just had to be honest with her and say

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