A Short Story : A Story?

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New York City was pulsing with life. Street acts were setting up and vendors were already calling people over to try their food and drinks. Lorelei Locke breathed in the combined smell of grease, gasoline, and garbage that she had grown used to. She was a city girl.
In Faith's apartment, Lorelei could peer into other apartments if she wished. There was a man with two adorable children, a young girl and her grandma, and a nice couple who took care of their adopted son. Late at night, she would watch these functional, loving families. A small pang of jealousy would hit her now and then, but Lorelei would force it away.
Instead of hailing a taxi like she had been for the past couple of days, the young woman decided to walk. She joined the mass of people heading for work. To her right, a woman with a toddler on her hip pleaded with who Lorelei presumed to be her boss. A man next to her was ordering someone around and another in front of her was telling someone named Karen about a potential client.
And right behind her was Madison White. Normally, Lorelei would've chalked this up to coincidence. Different destinations, same path kind of thing. Except that Lorelei took a shortcut she found yesterday and Madison followed.
That wasn't a coincidence.
She walked slightly faster, the sound of her sneakers slamming into the concrete simultaneously merging with her heartbeat. Lorelei had suspected that something was up with the woman before, but stalking her in the streets of the

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