A Social Media Marketing Plan

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Marketing has evolved and grown tremendously throughout the years. If you have a Facebook or instagram page you have seen some sort of marketing promotion or ad that a local business is offering to draw in customers or a following. For instance Z Burger, a burger joint in the DC area offered a promotion that went viral through Facebook offering $2 burgers and $4 veggie burgers for the entire day of last Tuesday at their Columbia Heights location. I attended myself thinking it was going to be ridiculously crowded but I beat the rush and the staff created a system that provided a speedy service and less wait time to order and receive your food.

That event was so popular through Facebook that they are offering a second location and if you didn’t see the invite through social media, you would find out word of mouth or even in passing in the immediate neighborhood. It all started from an event invite on Facebook that led to many individuals to take advantage of this generous promotion.

The first step in creating a social media marketing plan is determining the social networks worth being active on. With so many social networks out there, businesses need to focus on the ones where they know their customers are. It is important to gauge your customers on the social networks they use most often in order to not waste time on sites consumers aren 't paying attention to.
Some of the most popular social networking sites for social media today are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,…
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