A Socio-Economic Model for Sustainable Fashion

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At times when sustainability seems to be the mantra for not only corporations but also the lay man, sustainable fashion is a much less understood term as "sustainability" alongside "fashion” are two seemingly contradictory concepts as fashion is all about change and sustainability is all about preservation. Sustainable fashion, in its purest form generates new ideas on how to produce fashion with a sense of ethics, organic or renewable resources, and socially responsible manufacturing techniques. Simply put, the term “eco-fashion” refers to stylized clothing that uses environmentally sensitive fabrics and responsible production techniques.

Our first motive is to spread awareness amongst the mass about sustainable fashion and
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The brand then reuses recycle or redesign the garment and manufacture a new garment.

Business functioning

Step 1 – Understanding the working of different organization and brand and pursuing them to be a part of sustainable fashion. Taking help from NGO’s and seeking cooperation from their end.

Step 2 – Purchasing the used garment from the public after evaluating the depression of the product.

Step 3 – The garment is further studied and after understanding the durability it is supplied to NGO’s

Step 4 – NGO’s will return the garment after using them.

Step 5 – Then the used garment is cleaned and converted into raw material and supplied to different brands.

Step 6 – These brands then manufacture a new garment by using the second hand raw material

Revenue Generation

Sustainable fashion can be profitable because shoppers today are looking for something more meaningful. Consumers are accepting the concept of reuse and recycle in a creative way.

SFO will be affiliated with other organization or brand. So that SFO can afford and buy the used products from the public and keeps a certain margin with them. It is basically formed for readily available sustainable fashion therefore the garment wouldn’t be purchased or sold with high margin. The motto of SFO is employment and sustainable fashion with profitability.

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