A Study On Organizational Assessment

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Organizational Assessment Occasionally every organization finds themselves in need of reorganization. Taking the time to improve business performance can be very beneficial to the success and longevity. This process can be achieved by cultural transformation by empowering the workforce to take ownership. It is important to understand what the current perceptions are in order to formulate and execute human resource policies and practices that produce the employee competencies and behaviors the company needs to achieve its strategic aims (Dessler, 2014). For 25 years, the Baldridge Program has provided American organizations with the tools to improve performance and competitiveness in the United States’ economy ("Baldrige Performance," 2015). The Baldrige Program has developed a survey to administer to the employees of an organization so that senior leaders can assess the perceptions about their organization from the thoughts of their employees. The “Are We Making Progress” ("Baldrige Performance," 2015) survey was administered to three random coworkers of this author for completion and evaluation. A summary of the results are as follows: Line Manager A (LMA): This person rated all six leadership questions as disagree or undecided. LMA does not know the organization’s mission and felt the senior leader is unethical and has failed to demonstrate what the organization’s values. These ratings indicate this person’s overall dissatisfaction of the organization’s leadership and
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