Essay On Pursuing A Doctoral Program

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DQ #1
I have always wanted to pursue a doctoral program but never had the financial resources. Hence, I researched and found this doctoral program offered by The Swiss Management Center University (SMC) which is a high quality multifaceted online education program which is accredited by Accredited Council of Business Schools Program (ACBSP). Furthermore, it is affordable, flexible very informative and relevant in both academic and business sectors. (SMC, n.d.).
Several people influenced my decision to pursue a doctorate degree at different levels. First, Dr. Wangari Maathai who was the first Kenyan Woman to pursue a doctorate degree and was a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, (Graf, 2016). Secondly, inspiration from my former …show more content…

Although learning new concepts is sometimes difficult, I am determined to eliminate counterproductive and redundant methods of doing my studies. At the same time, it is necessary that I maintain effective communication methods which will include both written and oral communications. Besides, it is also necessary that I acknowledge that failure is also an important learning process which is a part of the double-loop learning method (Argyris, 1991).
This is extensively elaborated in the article Teaching Research Methods for Doctoral Students in Education talks about teaching doctoral students research methods that they could apply in their field. When doctoral students first enrolled, their aim was to do well academically. However, as time progressed, the students become interested in the multidisciplinary research methodologies process. Furthermore, they learned different aspects such as effective data collection through the interview, exploring documented work such as syllabus and historical documentation through reading past research projects. Moreover, they also learned analysis of the results included quantitative and qualitative method while taking into consideration theoretical work combined. (Coronel Llamas & Boza, 2011).

DQ #2
Plagiarism entails taking another person’s work and passing it as one’s own. (What is Plagiarism? n.d.). As a researcher, this can be

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