A1 Assessors Award: the Principles and Requirements of Assessment

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A1 Assessors Award 2011 Understand the principles and requirements of assessment 1.1 Assessment is used as a tool for marking and grading in a practical environment and can be used to motivate by on-going improvement of the task, creating learning opportunities and to give feedback. It also allows students the chance to work at their own speed to produce the best product, when it is felt that they are competent in the task to be assessed. This is measured against the tasks listed in aims and objectives of lesson plan and should, Help learners to achieve their full potential and enable learners to achieve the standard required for their course. Encourage learners to develop independent learning skills and identify any further support…show more content…
* Assessment requires attention to outcomes and processes Information about the outcomes students have achieved is very important to know where each student ends up, but so too is knowing about their experiences along the way and, in particular, the kind of effort that led to these outcomes. * Assessment for improved performance involves feedback and reflection. All assessment methods should allow students to receive feedback on their learning and performance so assessment serves as a developmental activity aimed at improving student learning. Assessment should also provide students and staff with opportunities to reflect on both their practice and their learning overall. 1.3 Responsibilities of the assessor The Assessor is responsible for assessing the NVQ. The assessor works with and inducting the candidate into the NVQ and explaining what needs to be done and identifying any additional requirements. Setting and modifying learning targets throughout the year. Planning assessments and undertaking a range of assessment activities. Providing constructive feedback to the candidate concerning his or her competence and progress. To record assessments and review progress, ensuring that the candidate has submitted enough evidence to allow internal verification to be carried out effectively. To maintain their own technical and vocational competencies, in the areas which they are assessing and to contribute

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