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Aboriginal History
Aboriginal history is estimated to have originated some 30 to 45,000 years before the first Europeans settled in Australia, however, some sources have estimated that figure to be close to 65,000 years.
The Aboriginal Australians were hunter, gatherers relying heavily on the land and water for food. Dependant on where they settled each group developed skills relevant to where they lived.
Early in the 20th century it was believed the Indigenous Australians were nearing extinction as the population had decreased from 1,250,000 in 1788 to 50,000 in 1930. (Aboriginal History, 2017)
Arrival of Europeans
Sydney Cove saw the arrival of ships captained by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788. The fleet of ships were transporting convicts from the UK mainland to Australia.
The British Authorities set up a permanent Gaol for the convicts as they assumed they were legally authorised to inhabit the land.
Immigrants believed they were lawful settlers in a new land.
As the colonisers made an attempt to impose new social, economic and religious orders lives were lost.
New animals, plants and diseases were introduced.
(Resisting Colonisation, 2017)
Impact of Europeans on Aboriginals
With colonisation came the introduction of diseases such as smallpox, measles and influenza. The spread of disease had a major impact on the Indigenous Australians with whole communities being destroyed.
Within fourteen months of the arrival of the first fleet, Governor Phillip reported that

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