Abortion Is A Road Of Major Emotional Tolls

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Suppose you are a woman who has decided that being a mother isn’t in your future, but in a moment when it is too late to make that decision. That your life has reared to a head and the situation you’ve found yourself in has forced you to decide to have a future and get rid of your unborn child, or to have a child with financial instability, leading the unborn child and yourself to a future of uncertainty.

Ethical Dilemma
The dilemma at hand is more one of deciding for the better. This unplanned pregnancy happening as well as having the option of abortion, is a road of major emotional tolls; as well as subject to outer judgement which would be a difficult one at best. What makes it difficult has a lot of varying factors. It’d be more …show more content…

”Of course a child does not have more rights than her mother. Any two people are equal, and any two people have equal rights. Hence, a mother has every bit as much right to live as any child. But in nearly all abortions, the woman 's right to live is not an issue, because her life is not in danger.” (Thompson, 2015) Another core belief is that God created mankind in his image as it states in Genesis 1:27. To take away the life of a child is to cut that creation short. It takes away the specialty of life. “The God of the Bible personally and purposefully designed human creatures for specific reasons that relate to his nature and will for human life. One’s purpose, then, does not merely depend on whatever he or she decides to do with his or her life.” (Merrick, 2015) In the case that she had gotten pregnant unexpectedly, she would choose to have the baby and find a home that is suitable for it.

Resolution The decision that would be politically correct to a Christian would be to find a deeper understanding of God’s purpose in the unplanned pregnancy; as well as finding a way to make

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