Absorbance Experiment With Turnip Peroxidase

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Enzyme can be defined as a protein molecule that is a biological catalyst. (Ophardt, 2003) Catalyst increases the speed of a reaction but does not have to use anything to help increase the speed. An enzyme can be determined by their properties. Enzyme are a substrate specific, substrate connects to an enzyme at the location of an active site. Enzyme is not used in a reaction and enzyme function in a good condition at the optimum temperatures and pH. (Ahmez2005) Peroxidase is a type of enzyme which is used in the experiment.
The type of peroxidase is used is called turnip peroxidase. Turnip peroxidase is made up of Guaiacol and hydrogen peroxide. The reactants to the product are turnip peroxidase or called tertraguaiacol and water. The color of the react is brown. In the experiment was conducted there were baseline experiment, temperature, pH, 10X substrate, Inhibitor, and half the amount of enzyme.
The baseline experiment is the control group. If the time increases over a period a time then turnip hydrogen peroxidase will increase absorbance.
The temperature can have a major impact on an enzyme. According to Campbell Biology author Reece etc. 2011 “The enzyme reaction will increase as the temperature increase with the increasing temperature….substrates collide with active sites more frequently when the molecules move rapidly.”(Reece etc 2011) Every enzyme hits its optimal temperature the reaction will be at its highest point.(Reece etc. 2011) When the

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