Academic Literacies : Learning And Communicating Practices

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Student Name: Amar Sablouh Student ID:100793096 Email Address: Phone Contact: 04555 666 51 Unit Code and Name: COM 10006 – Academic Literacies: Learning and communicating practices (OUA SP2) Assignment Title: First Essay: Participation on Higher Education Tutor’s Name: Kythera Watson-Bonnice Date of Submission: 26/07/2015 I declare that (the first four boxes must be completed for the assignment to be accepted): □ This assignment does not contain any material that has previously been submitted for assessment at this or any other university. □ This is an original piece of work and no part has been completed by any other student than signed below. □ I have read and understood the avoiding plagiarism guidelines at and no part of this work has been copied or paraphrased from any other source except where this has been clearly acknowledged in the body of the assignment and included in the reference list. □ I have retained a copy of this assignment in the event of it becoming lost or damaged. □ (optional) I agree to a copy of the assignment being retained as an exemplar for future students (subject to identifying details being removed). Student Declaration (By typing your name you agree to the above) Amar Sablouh Ethnicity: In 2011, Indigenous people ‘represent around 2.5%’ of the Australian population, whereas they constitute only 1.1% of all applications to university’. The

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