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Charles Sturt University Name: Sagar Adhikari Student No: 11569613 Subject Name: Accounting information systems Subject Code: Acc539 Lecturer: Wayne Smithson Assignment No: 1 I certify that the submitted task is my own work, based on of my own study and exploration. I likewise guarantee that appropriate and full affirmation has been made of all sources utilized as a part of the planning of this task. Signature of Student: Assignment Due Date: 06 April 2015 Q no.1 Explain how the implementation of cloud computing…show more content…
(Impact of cloud computing in supply chain, 2015) The difference between distributed computing with individualized computing is that the cloud technology gives an extensive variety of capacities. The usage of cloud built solutions depends on different elements, for example, the division in which the business works; the practicality of porting existing parts on cloud, size of the organization, and the area of customers and so on. It helps in reducing the time required as well as minimize the fixed cost of the company. Therefore, it is not logistic to make a single explanation of implementation of cloud computing technology. For example, a newly started company can adopt the cloud based solution easily but it is difficult for existing firms to shift their supply chain to cloud technology. Let consider a business has both ERP and CRM solutions, as concern from security view the business may move their CRM to cloud while store ERP in house server. IT and media purchasers are confined on bandwidth and disk utilization issues as use of these facilities require interest from the clients. A sudden increase of interest may force the organization to locate more servers which they will need to maintain that would increase their fixed and operational expenses to huge level. Rather the organization may utilize the cloud technology in order to develop their content. This needs
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