Achieve An Effective Customer Satisfying Process Essay

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achieve an effective customer-satisfying process. The following are the business processes SCM focuses on:
 Product design
 Planning/forecasting
 Order management
 Inventory management
 Order fulfilment
 Return management
According to Routroy and Shankar (2014), supply chain systems are becoming increasingly lengthy and complex. This is an indication that the modern global marketplace has become dynamic in nature. Supply chains are very complex, with a lot of parallel physical and information flows taking place so that products are delivered in the correct quantities, to the right place in a cost-effective manner. As a result of the forgoing situation, it has been suggested that supply chains may not be the most accurate term to define the interactions but supply networks may be a rather more precise term to describe the situation. However, the focus on achieving more efficient supply chains has rendered them more prone to disruptions (Jüttner, 2005).
2.3. Supply chain risk management (SCRM)
Every SC is prone to risks that may affect its planned activities. The only difference is that different SCs are exposed to different magnitudes and types of risks. Generally, risk may be defined as any event that has a negative effect on the achievement of the company’s objectives (Routroy and Shankar, 2014). Therefore, companies do well to adopt a proactive approach in dealing with new and changing risks and vulnerabilities emerging within or influencing the system, if they seek

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