Activating Learning Through Active Discussion

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Activating Learning Through Active Discussion There are many different ways that educators can help to engage their students in learning, some of them more suited to certain age groups or knowledge areas than others, but one of the most effective means of generating real learning and not just learning, but a real enthusiasm for learning at any age or learning level is through the equal discussion of knowledge with students. That is, active discussions in which the instructor participates and perhaps facilitates but does not instruct provides some of the most effective instruction of all, because it gives students the empowerment necessary to actually guide their own thinking and draw their own conclusions. An instructor or indeed another classmate might challenge these conclusions, requiring more rigorous thinking or more abundant citing of evidence, but this only improves the thinking and the learning process all the more. Essentially, this mode of teaching which requires a level of personal engagement, enjoyment, and humility from the educator helps to inspire and promote critical thinking, and this is advantageous in all respects. There are numerous representations of this type of classroom activity or educational style in popular media. One of the most memorable is that of Robin Williams' character in Dead Poets Society, in which an unorthodox school teacher holds real and almost equal conversations with the boys in his prep-school English class, inspiring many of
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