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1.1 Explain the function of assessment in learning and development The function of assessment in learning and development is to provide a measure for the learners progress. Assessment is carried out through checks throughout the course, and at end of course. activities can help the learner to see their development whilst allowing the Assessor to give valuable feedback when appropriate. This is to measure the learners understanding of the subject set by the criteria. For example: Assessments provide clear measurements and recording of achievements gained during a course that provides identification of the persons achievements or learners needs. The learners development is measured using formative or summative assessments that…show more content…
Assessments provide a great chance for the learners to see how they have progressed whilst providing grades that can be recognised against objective criteria. Feeding back – I have a responsibility to provide detailed analytical and constructive feedback on a learners work so they can improve their performance according to pointers. This is crucial as it allows the learner to measure when an objective has been achieved and also when the assessment objective has to be revisited. It is essential to provide regular feed back verbally and in recorded formats for the learner so as to provide markers on the work produced and how it can improved in the future. The responsibilities of the Assessor involve planning, managing and delivering assessment, maintaining the integrity of the qualification, and always keeping a learner-centered approach to assessment. 1.4 Identify the regulations and requirements relevant to the assessment in own area of practice Company and industry rules and regulations regulatory bodies of standards Sector Skills Councils Awarding organisations Institute for Learning other regulations such as health and safety equality and diversity/ DDA4 data protection safeguarding learners during assessment recording/ tracking and logging assessment decisions, communication decisions with learners,
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