Adle's Use Of Anaphora In Dont You Remember

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Adele’s has a high contribution and influence on the growth of the soul genre singing industry. Although most people who listen to her music is unable to appreciate the full range of emotion being used in her music. In the song “Don't you remember” uses different type of literary devices, but the use of anaphora in separate verses describes emotional break down the best. She uses anaphora for the audience to be able to connect to the sorrow and emotional break down that she is going though. Adele has experienced rough times as a teenager and those heartbroken memories has lived with her ever since. Her family was extremely poor and lived in North London which was full of bad influences. She recalls the time when breaking up with her boyfriend:…show more content…
In stanza 3 versus 1,2,3,4 and stanza 6 versus 1,2,3,4 uses anaphora to heighten the sad emotions. As mentioned in these lines, Adele is portraying a feeling where the lover has forgotten the memories they created in the past and the reasons falling in love. When the audience has same memories as her while listening to the song that is when a connection is build. Being able to relate to the tune and the lyrics puts her at a higher position than other singers. Adele has said that “[c]ause I am not fully recovered It is going to take me 10 years to recover, I think from the way I feel about my last relationship”. Adele has not accomplished getting over the negative memories from past relationships. The whole world believes of her as a perfect rich women. However, the money, fans and publicity does not bring any happiness in her life what helps her to move forward is writing music. The song states “often think about where I went wrong”( Stanza 4, Verse3). This indicates the is invulnerable to avoid. Adele music speaks to the audience and allows them to be emotional. Adele is a great artist because in her videos there is no nudity to and gets the attention of the viewer due to her natural
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