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Voting Operations
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As voting is generally a geographically dispersed activity which often has to be organised and implemented within very tight time frames, providing a cost-effective voting service for all eligible voters whilst maintaining high standards of integrity, security and professionalism is a major challenge to electoral management bodies.
Organising and operating facilities that will provide an opportunity for all eligible persons to participate, through voting, in the choice of their representatives in their institutions of governance is the most publicly visible activity and the prime focus of electoral management. …show more content…

It does attempt to identify those good or essential practices for maintaining voting operations integrity that can be translated into any environment.
Key Issues
In any electoral environment there are similar key issues for which effective solutions have to be found, if voting operations are to promote public confidence in the integrity and professionalism of electoral management, and acceptance of election results. Significant amongst these are:
What are the most suitable Voting Arrangements? What range and mix of facilities for voting--from voting at the local voting station through special provisions for voting in a particular manner, for example, by mail, absentee, before general election day or, in particular locations, in remote areas or institutions--provides all eligible voters the opportunity to vote in a cost-effective manner?
What are the Administrative Considerations that, along with legal frameworks, provide the basis for an electoral management body 's Planning of voting operations? As a highly complex combination of processes, voting operations require careful planning and trials of proposed solutions before implementation.
What are the appropriate types, designs, and quantities of election Materials and Equipment? Voting is a massive information transfer exercise, which demands effective materials and equipment

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